Dwelling and Living in Quiet Kreuzberg

Monumentenstrasse is a street directly next to one of the city’s most beautiful parks, which includes the Kreuzberg hill that lent its name to the district and that is the highest elevation in the city. The hill is topped by the memorial Schinkel designed to commemorate the Napoleonic wars. Almost picturesque and certain worth a picture, a man-made cascade flows through the park in the direction of Grossbeerenstrasse. The small winding trails, a brand-new playground and not least the steps in front of the memorial are favourite hangouts inside the protected park for people young and old.

Once you are done relaxing, you may decide to descend to Bergmannstrasse, the perfect promenade, and browse through the junk shops and elegant tea stores lining the street. Locals mingle with tourists here. Bargain-hunting at the antique dealers in the side streets is a great way to spend an idle afternoon and to spruce up your apartment with objets trouvés.

At the corner of Zossener Strasse lies the famous Marheineke market hall. A sprawling warehouse filled with bright daylight, it stocks day-to-day amenities of every kind and—while on a smaller scale—calls to mind Barcelona’s La Boqueria market. A special highlight is the long counter facing Bergmannstrasse where you can try the various delicacies while watching people passing.

Homeownership in Kreuzberg: Revelling in Diversity

If you don’t feel like sitting at the counter, you may, of course, get your purchases to go and take them to the nearby parklands of Hasenheide to wind down after work or on your day off. Great options for exercising in the area include sports clubs, a skate park and an outdoor swimming pool, not to forget the many park trails. West of Monumentenstrasse lies Flaschenhalspark, a small park that merges into the recently developed Gleisdreieck Park toward the north. Having the choice of three parks says a lot about the scenic quality of this neighbourhood.

Movie buffs appreciate the Yorck cinema, the first of the eponymous group of local cinemas and a great place for arthouse or independent film screenings in an historic setting. If you prefer a modern multi-screen cinema, you will have to travel to another district. Early each summer, Bergmannstrasse hosts a street party known well beyond the city limits. After work or on quiet weekends, Bergmannstrasse is a great place to go bar-hopping, and since the city has practically no curfew, chances are that you will stay all night.

Convenient service connections on the U6 and U7 underground lines put the rest of Berlin within easy reach. Being centrally located and mobile in every direction: Within 20 minutes, you could be shopping in Charlottenburg or sip a coffee on Friedrichstrasse.

The location directly next to Viktoriapark is a particular treat for nature lovers who need to get away from bustling Bergmannstrasse after work. Then again, the street is close enough to return to it later in the evening. The choice is all yours!

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